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  • 8 Pieces Red Handle Makeup Brushes
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                                            As a perfect gift for lovers.

    • The brushes are made of goat hair, pony hair or soft synthetic fibers to create a natural beauty makeup. No shedding,soft and gentle give your skin a amazing feel.

    • Red Wooden Handle

      The handle is made of environmental wood.

      No shading,fashionable and durable,easy to control

    This PINK PANDA cosmetics brush set will show your natural beauty and leave a flawless finish. No matter you are a makeup beginner or a professional makeup artist, it is a vital staple for you. Because all brushes made from natural animal hair or premium synthetic bristles which can provide an incredible touch. They are extremely soft and easy to control, helping you on a beauty journey. So whether you use for yourself or give it for someone as a gift, it is also a great choice.


    PINK PANDA will be one of your best partners who witness your beauty. 

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